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"Wild Meadow“ is an alternative to honey so we allow the bees to keep their honey. By using various plant and flower extracts, the product gets a wonderful honey flavor. 
Like real honey, you can taste the differences in each variety here as well.

Stinging Nettle is similar to forest honey, Marigold tastes very flowery like a blossom honey. Dandelion is the classic and has been made for decades on the domestic cooking pot. 

"Wild Meadow“ can be used just like real honey, the taste and consistency are the same.  Whether for cooking, baking, sweetening or simply as a spread, it is very versatile.

Our glass jars come with labels from grass paper.  This is made of at least 50% grass which is a rapidly renewable raw material and requires less water and energy during processing than the production of virgin fiber or waste paper. Of course, our labels are made with vegan glue.

The flower and plant extracts are gently produced with steam and thus get a strong, flowery taste. There are no artificial flavors used.

Our lids are free of PVC and plasticizers (Blue-Seal).

These vegan honey pairs perfectly with our vegan cheese!  They also make great gifts together with Chocolates and our artisanal handmade soaps.