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Why the name Pinki Beans?

The "i" in Pinki Beans stems from our belief that every effort "i" make counts, and making a positive impact to the world starts from small choices and habits. Each one of us have the power to change the world simply by being careful in what we buy and consume. Each one of us have the ability to make the world better, more sustainable and cruelty-free to all beings.

At Pinki Beans, we have curated an exclusive range of products to help people go vegan and stay vegan. We personally tried and tested all the products we carry before they hit our shelves.  In fact, many of the products here are items we've enjoyed over the years being vegan! 


Our Guarantee

Vegan means kindness to our planet, to animals and to ourselves. If it's not vegan-friendly, we don't offer it, period. You can shop with confidence that everything in our online store is 100% vegan.  You no longer have to worry about scrutinizing labels and ingredient list looking for hidden animal ingredients because there aren't any!

We may be a small business but we do not cut corners on important overhead expenses. We invest to make sure your products reach you in optimal condition and quality.  All our products are stored in controlled temperature at all times and we conduct monthly pest control within our premises to ensure there is absolutely no risk of compromises on the quality of our products.  We personally deliver orders with chilled products as much as we can because we know sometimes it can get messy with outsourced delivery. 


Why Order From Us?

Unlike ordering from the “big boys” online, when you shop with us, you keep your money within the vegan community.  No more worrying about what percentage of your order is going to subsidize things you don’t believe in.  All orders placed with us will help support further growth of the vegan industry. 

Every shipment that leaves our store is a vote in favor of supporting sustainable, cruelty-free options for a kinder world today and the future.

Pinki Beans - It's Time To Care - Eat Beans Not Beings.

How Do We Care?

+ We reuse carton boxes from our suppliers for packing of your orders. It may not be pretty but it's our way of saving the earth.

+ We avoid plastic packaging as much as we possibly can in the products that we carry. Some of them with plastic packaging are compostable made from recycled plastic. We can safely say that more than 95% of the products we carry are plastic-free and we are working towards 100%!